July 2012
Partnership awarded ACE funding


Sept 2012 - Nov 2012
King's Reach Project - KCL London

Research project identifying the performance potential of buildings belonging to Kings College London, working with the Performance Foundation KCL and photographer Chris Wainwright

Laboratory - James Black Insitute


Oct 2012 - Jan 2013
MA/MRes Performance & Creative Research

MA students wash their finds from the foreshore of the Thames


October 16 2012
Lone Twin - Boat Project arrives at KCL London

Boat hull made of wooden objects donated by the public


Aug - Nov 2012
Hovernaut Project site research

Hovercraft test : Hovercraft Museum, Lee on Solent


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Plant Science
London 2013

Plant Science

Plant Science is a meditation on the apparatus of study and learning; an exploration of the performative qualities of the lab bench and workstation as sites of intense scrutiny and discovery and devices for pedagogical exchange and experiment. Glasshouse, green-board, test bench, workstation, fume cupboard, propagation bed, specimen cabinet and fire door - a building distilled to its essential elements, clarified, separated and reconstituted in the neoclassical environment of Somerset House...
The Hover Project
Ramsgate, Kent 2012

The Hover Project

The partnership is pleased to announce it has received funding from Arts Council England to research and develop a landscape performance project on the site of the former Hoverlloyd Hoverport, Pegwell Bay nr Ramsgate, Kent. If you traveled on the service, or you kite-surf, walk, bird-watch, or bait dig at Pegwell Bay get in touch! Project partners: Thanet Council, Kent Wildlife Trust, The Hovercraft Museum, Lee-on-Solent
Das Hufeisen Projekt
Berlin 2007

Das Hufeisen Projekt

Die Erde, eine gute Wohnung : An international site-specific collaboration produced by Forster & Heighes and the Hebbel Theatre, Berlin (HAU) presented on one of Berlin's most extraordinary but undervalued housing estates - Bruno Taut's "Hufeisensiedlung" in Berlin Neukolln.
A Board of Inquiry into the Loss of the Mary Ward House StoryThe GlossaryYou Are Here
A Board of Inquiry into the Loss of the Mary Ward House Story, 1997
The Glossary, 1994 and You Are Here, 2003

Past Projects


Plant Science - The Disposal of 68 Half Moon Lane
An evocative architectural installation that recovers the potent atmosphere of an abandoned botanical teaching laboratory; an encounter with a remarkable building in the language of its fixtures and fittings
16th May - 11th June 2013  
Inigo Rooms, Somerset House
Admission Free


Martin Heidegger 1889-1976

Every motion of the hand in every one of its works carries itself through the element of thinking, every bearing of the hand bears itself in that element. All the work of the hand is rooted in thinking