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Three King's

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Three King’s was a documentary installation with discussion that revisited and imaginatively consolidated materials from the partnership’s King’s College based projects between 2010 and 2016

In association with The Performance Foundation and The Twentieth Century Society, we undertook a creative examination of some of King’s familiar and less familiar buildings.

The installation comprised a triptych of films and a set of three accompanying booklets available to read on site and to take away.


Three buildings, the former Inland Revenue Offices at Somerset House, the Department of Plant Sciences in Herne Hill and 22 Kingsway in Westminster, were thus encountered somewhere in the interplay between the projected image and the printed word.

The project was presented as part of 'Play': Arts and Humanities Festival 2016, organised by the Arts & Humanities Research Institute, King's College, London.

The Less Familiar  A panel discussion exploring the ways in which artists choose to engage with the built environment, Chaired by Catherine Croft, Director, C20 Society.

Details, click here 

Three King's publicity
Goldman's Volute_edited_edited.jpg
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project booklets - click images

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