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site-specific  performance  installation

Our work seeks to disrupt routine and common-held perceptions of the built environment by actively exploring how space is read and experienced. By means of installation and performance, a many-layered model of ideas and relationships is formed that actively ‘rewrites’ a building. By addressing the ‘in between’ and neglected aspects of architectural space we are able to present multiple viewpoints of its history and the philosophies that formed it.



under construction - more projects soon



A selection of bespoke handbooks, catalogues and maps that we have created to support and navigate our project work, plus journal articles, a book chapter, and other writing.

Is this your Life? 22 Kingsway. Virginia Woolf building. King's College
Plant Sceince catalogue. Inigo Rooms, Somerset House, London. King's College, London
Vade Mecum handbook. Inland Revenue. Somerset House. King's Collge. Site-specific performance

under construction - more documents soon

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